A day in the life of EZ Inflatables

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at EZ  Inflatables? We want to show you a bit of our daily lives here at the company! From our sunny mornings to our lovely evenings, we all make sure to work hard to satisfy our customer’s needs.

Our mornings are always more of a rush than the rest of our day. With all of our team members trying to settle in, “good morning” being said left and right, and the rich scent of everyone’s morning coffee sure kickstarts our day.

As the first few hours of the day fly by with all of our team members working hard to sell, sew, cut, and ship out our units, we never fail to get a laugh out of each day.

If you’ve ever come to visit us here at our location, you might have encountered our famous door entrance that people tend to crash into. Besides our door having a huge pull & push sign on it, people still seem to do the opposite bringing on a nice laugh. But don’t worry, even our team that’s been here for years never fails to get their crash in at least once a day!

Putting aside our famous colliding door entrance; from very busy afternoons with ongoing calls all day, and hard work being done throughout the entire company, we all deserve a little break. When the clock hits 2:00 pm, the ongoing door crashing begins as all of our team members go on their break.

But, here at EZ Inflatables “boring” isn’t in our vocabulary! Take a peek at how our EZ team likes to enjoy their break time and have a little fun!!

Our EZ family always makes the best out of every moment! Want to see the rest of our team in action? Make sure to keep reading!

Check out our sales reps taking orders and making sure all of our awesome customer’s needs are being met!

Behind the scenes images of our production line from start to finish...

AND! Last but not least, we can’t forget about the men behind the works! Art & Eddie, always making sure the company is moving smoothly and setting a great example of what awesome bosses are like!

Did you enjoy our small recap of our day at EZ Inflatables? We sure hope you did! Make sure to give us your opinions. What would you like to read about on our next blog? Comment below!

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