EZ Inflatables Monthly Raffle Winners
EZ Inflatables’ raffle is our new monthly tradition. Each month, players have the chance to win a brand new inflatable or new Solid Depot products. Tickets are available the last week of every month, located under our “raffle” tab!

If you are looking to enter our next raffle, sign up for emails to have FIRST dibs on tickets!

Check out the winners of our previous raffles!

February 2023 Raffle Winner
Benjamin Shaver from Green Country Bounce was the lucky winner of 96 Resin Chairs from our brand Solid Depot

January 2023 Raffle Winner
Jump & Slide Inc from Long Island, New York was the lucky winner of our 22 Ft Purple Crush Double Lane + Slip & Slide. 

22 Ft Purple Crush + Slip & Slide DL-WS1089
December 2022 Mystery Raffle Winner- NO ENTRY FEE
Party Crashers from New Jersey was the lucky winner of our FREE Snowman Igloo Jumper. This mystery raffle was exclusive to past participants only and free of charge. Happy Holidays! 
Snowman Igloo Jumper
November 2022
 Raffle Winner
Ibounce Rentals LLC from Memphis, Tennessee, won our never before seen Rubber Duckie Combo. They was the first people to ever have this unit!
EZ Combo Rubber Duckie DL-C2015-IP

September 2022 Raffle Winner
Centex Jump Party Rentals from Austin, Texas was the lucky winner of our 22 Ft Jurassic Rush Wet & Dry Slide!
22 Ft Jurassic Rush Wet and Dry SL-WS1523-DP
August 2022 Raffle Winner
Bounce 2 U Drop from Fresno, California won our special holiday themed 3D Pumpkin Jumper!
3D Pumpkin Jumper B1109
If you have participated in our raffles and have not had the chance to win as of January 2023, you have atomically been entered into our December Mystery Raffle. This raffle is exclusive to past participants only and no entry fee is needed.

We thank you for your participation and allowing us to bring extra fun into the party rental community.


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