Summer Fun
This pandemic has had us all feeling cooped up but with summer coming up we have a few ideas to help you and your family have some fun in the sun! Not only do we get to see our loved ones again but we get to have fun again creating memories with family and friends.

Water Slides

Whether it's a birthday party or just another family get-together you want to make it eventful. What could be better than a water slide to keep cool on the hot summer day than a waterslide? People of all ages enjoy water slides from a kid's birthday party to a friend's outdoor bbq.

Dance Party

What makes summer memorable if it's not the times we spend surrounded by the ones we love celebrating life. For any social event, inflatables are always a hit, especially at birthday parties. We have all kinds of different inflatables to cater to each event from bounce house to DJ domes and as far as tp 63Ft obstacle courses. We carry all types of inflatables to make your party special. 

Movie nights

As the sun goes down and the nights are still warm, the fun can continue. Movie nights have been and always will be some of the best summer nights. With our newly improved movie screen movie nights can now be a little more memorable. It is an enclosed outdoor movie theater screen perfect for any backyard and big enough for a family to enjoy a movie with snacks.

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