A Guide to TIK TOK

A Guide to TikTok

New or old business TikTok is the new sensation for people of all ages! TikTok is a new social media platform in which people can share their everyday lives in just a short clip. Although, TikTok is also a huge opportunity for businesses of all kinds.
Businesses are booming due to the exposure they receive from making different TikTok videos. It allows their consumers . So as you can see if you have any business it is important to start promoting it on Tik Tok as soon as you can.
Figuring out how to use TikTok can be challenging for anyone at first but with a quick guide, you will up and running in no time!

How to make a TikTok:
1.Record a clip or upload from the camera roll (you can add as many videos as you want)

2.After you have selected the video you can crop and change the speed of your video. At this step, you can combine all videos into the order you want to see and mash up the clips accordingly.

3.Once you have put together the video you can add all the things that will make your video come to life such as music, effects, text, stickers, etc.
4. The last step is simple this is where you add your caption like many other social media remember to use hashtags! If you connect it to other platforms it is easier for you to share and spread awareness to your clients.

So if you follow all the steps you will have a clean cut video that will clearly promote your product and share the product with new customers. For some examples check out our tiktok account @ezinflatables.


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