Building a website can be complicated, luckily there’s a wide array of web builders to help make your life a bit easier. But which one is the right one for you? That’s the tricky part. In this article, we’ve broken down Wix, Wordpress, Squarespace, and We

Building a website can be complicated, luckily there’s a wide array of web builders to help make your life a bit easier. But which one is the right one for you? That’s the tricky part. In this article, we’ve broken down 4 of the biggest website builders out there to give you the lowdown on what’s out there and help you figure out which is right for you. To those of you in the inflatables industry, there is software like Event Rental Systems that will help you manage your events (we talked about ERS in our last blog which you can check out HERE).

First, let’s break this down visually. Check out this handy chart that gives some basic information and rates each web builder based on a 5 point scale: 

Wordpress vs. Wix vs. Squarespace vs. Weebly

Now that you’ve taken a look at the chart, you probably want an explanation for these ratings, so we’re going to give them to ya!



Wix is currently ruling the website building game and it’s clear to see why: it has countless pros and just a few cons. The EZ Inflatables verdict was to give Wix a 4.7/5 because it’s fairly easy to use and adheres to the abilities of web builders of any level, it’s inexpensive, it has a giant selection of templates, you can edit your mobile site directly, and the customer service is unmatched.

Wix is great because it offers a free option (you will have to deal with ads, you can't have your own domain, and will have Wix branding on your site) and even the premium options are at the low end of the price scale for website building software. It is also an incredibly straightforward drag-and-drop program that allows you to move things around your site however you please.

The downside to Wix is that once you choose a template, that’s your template for life; no changing templates allowed! Plus, if you want to edit your website by digging around in the code, Wix makes that difficult.

Overall, Wix is our top pick for web builders because we love its price, ease of use, outstanding customer service, and a wide range of templates that can fit well with any website.



Squarespace is the trendiest web builder out there at the moment and you have probably even seen their commercials: Keanu Reeves on a motorcycle, John Malkovich writing a threatening email to John Malkovich and other big names creatively expressing their support for Squarespace. Though it has some cons, they are made up for in style.

The EZ Inflatables review was a solid 4.2; it’s not the best, but not the worst! Squarespace is a great option for those who want a snazzy website that they built through an even snazzier web builder. We gave them a 5/5 in the templates department, because their template selection is absolutely beautiful! It’s versatile and boasts designs that will impress any site visitor.

Squarespace is also not the easiest web builder to use. Even though it’s a simple drag-and-drop web builder, there’s a necessity for a little bit of know-how. It’s also the most expensive web builder listed here at $12-$40/ month.

If you’ve got expensive taste, love celebrities and want to add some pizzazz to your site, then Squarespace is an ideal option for you. For those craving simplicity, maybe set your sights elsewhere.



Wordpress receives our lowest score when compared to the other web builders, but it is anything but subpar! With Wordpress, you will need to host your website through a separate entity, which can make things a tad more complicated and somewhat more expensive (but is still fairly inexpensive).

The main reason we love Wordpress is that it gives users the ability to customize to their heart’s content, all it takes is knowing how to work your way around some coding. Wordpress features a drag-and-drop structure which allows you to adjust your site with ease, but where Wordpress shines is its easy to access coding feature.

Wordpress is also fairly inexpensive (minus the additional hosting fees) and has a good selection of templates. Unlike other web building software, it is an open-sourced program and therefore does not offer customer service that can walk you through your problems.

So if you have some knowledge in coding or want to learn so that you can create an amazing customized site, check out Wordpress!



Last but not least is Weebly! Weebly is a popular web builder that specializes in online stores and makes it easy to create a beautifully designed website.

The EZ Inflatables ranking of Weebly is a 4.3 out of 5 because it’s in the mid-range for price, it is incredibly simple to use, you can use an app to edit your site on the go, and it has a great selection of templates, but falls short in the customization department.

Weebly is a drag-and-drop web builder that is fairly straightforward, but if you want to go the extra mile and add a lot of custom changes to your template, it may not be the best web builder for you. Plus, there’s no direct mobile editor, but the changes you make to the site are automatically applied to the mobile view.

Weebly is a great option for business owners who want a simple, no fuss, website builder for a reasonable price. It’s ranked second on our list because we love its ease, on the go app option, and user-friendly interface!


It is important to remember that all website builders have their pros and cons, but when it comes down to it, what works and doesn’t work is all about the user. If you’re not very tech-savvy, lack knowledge of code, or simply don’t have the time to work on customization, either hire a web developer to help you out, or choose a web-builder that specializes in simplicity. We are all at different levels, but all have the same goal: to succeed!



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