Blowers are the key piece to make any and every inflatable inflate. Because they are so important to an inflatable device’s function, we include them with every inflatable we ship, ensuring to provide the appropriate blowers for your order.

Basketball Hoop. 

We include basketball hoops in our jumpers, combos, and other inflatable units to heighten the fun and add an extra element of sport-based excitement.

Misting System. 

Most EZ Inflatables units that can be used with water come with an attached misting system. By attaching a hose, water runs through this stretch of vinyl and rains down on the unit through small holes, providing a more wet and slippery surface.


Safety first! With any game that involves the possibility of getting bumped on the head, we provide appropriate headgear/ helmets.


Several units require participants to be fitted with vests that are hooked to the inflatable device by bungee cords. The vests have adjustable straps to accommodate varying body types.

Bungee Cord. 

Heavy-duty bungee cord is used in a variety of games by attaching to participants’ vests, the inflatable amusement device itself, and/or additional accessories utilized in the game.

State of Pennsylvania Certification.

We are more than happy to accommodate additional state certification requirements and take the extra steps necessary to ensure our units can be employed in Pennsylvania.

State of New Jersey Certification. 

We are more than happy to accommodate additional state certification requirements and take the extra steps necessary to ensure our units can be employed in New Jersey.


This label is to guarantee that a unit should only be used with water.


This label is to guarantee that a unit should only be used without water in a dry environment.

Wet and Dry. 

This label is to guarantee that a unit can be used with and without water.

Business Card Holder. 

Having business cards handy while working an event is a great way to network and provide your contact information for those who need it. 

Safety Rules. 

Every EZ Inflatables unit comes with safety guidelines printed directly on the unit. These are guidelines regarding how to safely use the inflatable and follow our General Manual guidelines.

Anchoring Spikes.

Anchoring spikes are required for properly assembling an inflatable amusement device. They prevent the unit from moving out of place, being picked up by wind, tipping, and a wide array of other possible hazards.

Air Flow Zipper.

Air flow zippers allow you to quickly expel air from an inflatable for a quicker take-down process.

Patch Kit.

We provide a patch kit with every inflatable unit we send out. It includes vinyl pieces that match the colors/patterns of your unit and glue to help you make small repairs.

Storage Bag. 

Keep your inflatables protected from the elements with a vinyl storage bag that we include with every unit. These bags are made here in our warehouse and come in various sizes to fit each rolled unit comfortably.


Every EZ Inflatables product comes with an industry leading, multi-year seam to seam warranty - covering all normal wear and tear on a unit’s seams. Our warranties last 2 years on units used wet and 3 and a half years on units used dry.


This lists the total weight of the inflatable. Weights can vary based on size, features, and added decorations so we list an estimated weight range for our units. Click here for more information

Fire Resistant. 

Our vinyl has undergone NFPA 701 Test Methods to ensure it is fire/ flame resistant. Safety is our number 1 priority and that includes providing fire resistant materials.

Lead Free.

No lead found here! We guarantee our inflatables have been tested, verified and made using lead-safe vinyl.

Commercial Grade.

As a commercial grade manufacturer, our products are built to last, are ready for frequent use, and can be used for commerce purposes.


We have specified all guidelines and instructions needed to successfully operate an Inflatable Amusement Device in our General Manual.

Joust Poles.

Joust poles are used in a variety of games like Gladiator Joust or Bungee Joust and are made of foam and coated in vinyl.

Inflated landing Bed.

An Inflated Landing Bed is an attached bed that allows for a soft landing and has drain holes so water cannot accumulate. Perfect for states like Pennsylvania that do not allow pools!