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Take a drive around your local neighborhood. Drive near any church, carnival, school event, or public park. Chances are you'll see an inflatable rental unit being utilized for a party or social function. Inflatable bouncers are everywhere, comprising a vast part of a multi million dollar, nation-wide industry that you can be a part of. Starting an inflatable rental company is easier than you think, and can be your ticket to financial freedom and a flexible entertaining career many only dream of. At EZ Inflatables, our friendly and knowledgeable staff are available to assist you in every aspect of your company. We have comprehensive experience in the industry and can assist you with everything from purchasing your first inflatable unit, to promoting and marketing your new business.

Step 01
The first step in starting a rental company is giving us a call. We know you have questions, and we have answers! Many of our staff have either worked at a rental company, or have ran their own - so we definitely have knowledge and detailed information to share. Whether you're thinking a small part time job to augment your existing income, or a full time profession - we can help explain the nuances of either.

Step 02
Once we determine what your individual needs and objectives are, our team will help formulate a strategy that best fits your needs. We have years of experience and we know which units are best likely to fit your budget, your demographic, and your capabilities. Together we can develop a product line up to get you started and one that can begin producing a steady stream of income for your business.

Step 03
After we've determined which products best suit your needs, our EZ Inflatables staff will meticulously craft and produce your units. All of our products come with a multi year, seam to seam warranty ensuring your investment will produce income for many years to come. Once you take delivery of your units, our commitment to service doesn't end there. We welcome and invite our customers to consult with us regularly. We have industry insight, tips and tricks, and we're more than happy to pass along any advice regarding promoting and growing your business.