Razzle Dazzle Jumper

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13 Ft
  • Dimensions: L 13' (3.9m). W 13' (3.9m). H 14' (4.27m)
  • Weight: 1 Pc. Unit - 175 lbs
  • Blower: 1 of 1.0hp (included)
15 Ft
  • Dimensions: L 15' (4.5m). W 15' (4.5m). H 14' (4.3m)
  • Weight: 1 Pc. Unit - 200 lbs
  • Blower: 1 of 1.0hp (included)

The classic jumper is a necessity for any well-rounded inflatables inventory. It’s an event staple and never fails to add an element of energetic fun! The Razzle Dazzle Jumper-B1077 features a roomy jumping area, a flashy design, and a basketball hoop to spice things up a notch.

Our Razzle Dazzle Jumper-B1077 is a necessity for any rental operation or family entertainment center. Featuring large jumping areas, basketball hoops, a variety of designs, colors, and themes our inflatable bounce houses are sure to provide hours of fun.

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