Keeping it Fresh—Content Creation Strategies for Your Inflatable Business

Keeping it Fresh—Content Creation Strategies for Your Inflatable Business

Welcome to the fourth and nearly final installment of our series on improving your website: Content Creation Strategies! Content is the most important piece of your website, hands down. It is the clearest, most direct way to deliver your messages, it is an effective way to sway your audience’s opinions, and it allows you to be found by the various search engines of the internet because of SEO! What’s not to love about content?

But how do you ensure that your content is actually… decent? And what content is best for an inflatable company? That’s where this blog can help! Below we’ll list some tips and strategies for making sure you have grade A content that’s going to draw people into your business and create a sale!

 1. Content is King; Make it Work for You

As mentioned above, content is the key ingredient to having a successful site and can be used to help you stick out among your competition. Having concise information that’s easy to read, enticing, and relevant to your business paints an image of professionalism that convinces your audience to take action.

While your website design draws your audience in and leads their attention to where it needs to go, your content is what influences them to make a decision. Make it count! Highlight the best aspects of your company, describe your products with creativity, and use relevant keywords that will get your website to the top of the front page!

2. Write for People, Not Search Engines

It’s no joke that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essential to any website looking to bring in visitors. Who wants to buried in the Google masses? However, do not let this concept get to your head. Some people think that loading your site with keywords is a surefire way to bring in new business; it’s not.

A site that is overly wordy, repetitive and is simply overloaded with keywords is a major turnoff to readers. Instead, incorporate keywords strategically and let your content flow naturally. If you’re writing about your product, these keywords are sure to make an appearance organically.

3. Lure Your Audience to Other Pages

Using text, you can entice your audience to venture to other areas of your site. Be sure to highlight any special offers, products/services, blogs, and videos! Don’t forget; content includes videos as well as written text, so be sure to include relevant footage that further educates your audience.

4. Keep Up with Your Site

You want to make sure that your content is up to date and fresh for your viewers. There’s nothing like a dead site to deter prospective clients! Periodically scroll through your site and look for outdated information, broken links, and anything that just isn’t performing at its best. Not only is this a content issue, but can be applied to any and all website upkeep as well.

5. Keep it Clear and Consistent

All businesses have goals and a dedicated means to reach them. Ensure that any content displayed on your site is in line with your business goals and the messaging you have established for your brand. If your site has an upbeat tone with colorful imagery, stick with that! Consistency develops your brand; stick to it!

Now that you have read through this short list of tips, do a walkthrough of your site (if you have already developed one) and see if there are any areas you can improve. For the inflatable business, include videos of the product in action, text that describes the look and feel of the product, blogs about the rental industry and the ways in which you can incorporate inflatables into events, and any other well-crafted content that is consistent with the goals you are trying to reach.

Happy content creating!


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