Pros/Cons - Owning an Inflatable Rental Business
Are you in the midst of deciding whether or not to start your own inflatable rental business? Starting your own business may be a huge headache considering all the pros and cons that come along with the process, but our goal is to help guide you in the right direction.
As a start-up business, you only tend to hear about the good side of owning inflatables, but no one really likes to talk about the complicated side. With this Pros/Cons list giving you our insight on the good and the bad about having an inflatable business, we hope your decision-making process becomes a lot easier.


Children love inflatables. Maintaining inflatables clean.
You get to experience different types of parties/events. Rolling 
Meet and create new relationships with a lot of people. Repairs
Offer a fun/exciting service for the community. Drying wet units.
Not a regular 9-5 boring job. Dealing with the aftermath of the units when an event is over.
Involves different activities/interactions done on a daily basis. Some customers are harder to satisfy than others.
Work hard for the busy part of the year, and relax for the slower part of the year. Not administering/planning slow season correctly will lead to overstressing.


Every business has a bad side to it. But with the right strategies, you can surpass any tough situation. With owning an inflatable business, you’re not only starting a cool, fun, and exciting adventure, you’re also providing it all to your community.

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