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5 Rookie Mistakes That'll Deflate Your Fun (Avoid These Oopsies and Keep the Party Pumping!

1. Using Clorox to clean your inflatables.

Keeping your inflatables safe, clean, and pristine is key. Skip the Clorox; it's vinyl's enemy! Anything with a pH over 10 spells trouble, dissolving threads over time and damaging your vinyl’s coating. Check out our recommended cleaning products here

2. Leaving your inflatable dirty post-party

Cleaning your inflatable after every use is crucial for maintaining a professional image and ensuring customer satisfaction. Plus, it helps extend the lifespan of your equipment, saving you from premature replacements and keeping your business bouncing!

3. Don't store it wet!

Trapped moisture breeds mold and mildew, causing odors, discoloration, and material damage. It also fosters bacteria growth, posing health risks. Properly drying the inflatable before storage prevents these issues and extends its lifespan.

4. Letting your unit set sail

Using stakes or sandbags to secure your inflatable unit prevents it from taking flight unexpectedly, ensuring your event stays grounded and worry-free! Stakes for grass, sandbags for pavement. We recommend using 60 lb sandbags per anchor point indoors, 100 lb - 200 lb per anchor point outdoors, 36” stakes for units over 24 ft, and 18” length and 5/8” diameter stakes for units shorter than 24 ft.

5. Sparking a short circuit

Pick the right extension cord or risk turning your inflatable into a firework display! Avoid burning out a blower or circuit breaker, and keep the fire away by calculating the optimal wire size for your needs using an online wire size calculator like the one below.

Wire Size Calculator | Unleash Your Electrical Potential


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